Broadwas Court

A great photograph of Broadwas Court, it appears to be young ladies (some with babies and children) having afternoon cream teas. Maybe the court did this to make extra money. My grandparents at the Post Office in Knightwick used to do cream teas for visitors and my sister Josephine has told me that she had to help out too when she was younger. It would have definately be an added bonus for people in those days.

The 1939 Register

Broadwas Court.

John Henry Greswolde-Williams - b. 10th July, 1885 - [Single] - Landowner.

Harold A. Dent - b. 17th March, 1896 - [Single] - Secretary.
Hubert S. Griffin - b. 14th January, 1991 - [Married] - Gardener [Domestic Duties]
Gertrude E. Griffin - b. 22nd August, 1889 - [Married] - Housekeeper [Domestic Duties]
Hannah Drinkwater - b. 28th January, 1882 - [Single] - Cook [Domestic Duties]
Florence I. Harris - b. 24th February, 1910 - [Single] - Parlour Maid [Domestic Duties]
Winifred Trehearne - b. 24th August, 1911 - [Single] - House Maid [Domestic Duties]
Winifred Johnson - b. 14th January, 1922 - [Single] - Kitchen Maid [Domestic Duties]
Ivy Ellen James - b. 17th December, 1919 - [Single] - House Maid [Domestic Duties]

Court Cottages.

William G. Wyatt - b. 9th February, 1881 - [Married] - Gardener [Head]
Martha . Wyatt - b. 21st January, 1885 - [Married] - [Unpaid Domestic Duties]


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