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s the bridge at Knightwick Station (Bromyard to the left and Worcester to the right) on the Knightwick/Lulsley road, the Headroom was 13 feet 6 inches. Here you would be looking down towards Knightwick and Osebury rock would be to the right of you as you descend.

'The old name was Rosebury Rock with the R being dropped in the early part of the 20th century. This large outcrop forces the Teme to make a sharp turn east. It forms the southern boundary of the Knightsford Gap, where the narrowest part of the floodplain of the Teme can be seen. The rock is an S.S.S.1 and is best viewed from the A44 road bridge at Knightsford. It is one of the few sites in Worcestershire where the plant Navelwort, (Umbilicus) grows. It also has some some interesting geology.

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