In the photograph is, Henry John Greswolde-Williams, Sheriff of Worcester, standing on the steps of the Shirehall, Worcester. The year he became Sheriff was 1937, aged 62.

In the 1939 Register: Henry John Greswolde-Williams of Broadwas Court, near Worcester, Landowner.

His brother Mr. Francis Wigley Greswolde Greswolde-Williams was the heir of vast family estates in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, and also in East Africa.
He died on the 2nd July, 1931[aged 57] and his brother Henry John Greswolde-Williams would have inherited much of this.

The Chauffeur is my uncle Frank (Francis Cuthbert Jones), aged 36. Frank owned the Garage and Petrol Pumps at Broadwas, opposite the school.

1881 - 1901 Henry John Greswolde-Williams

1881 Census [RG11/2949] - District of St. Pauls.

Address; 356, Moseley Road, Kings Norton, Worcestershire.

George Henry Biddle - Head [married] age 28 - b. 1853 - Handsworth, Staffordshire. - Occupation: Annuitant.
Elizabeth Biddle - Wife [married] age 30 - b. 1851 - Braunston, Northamptonshire.
Francis W. G. Williams - Stepson [single] age 7 - b. 1874 - Fairford, Gloucestershire.
Henry J. Williams - Stepson [single] age 5 - b. 1876 - Fairford, Gloucestershire.
Robert H. Biddle - Son [single] age 1 - b. 1880 - Moseley, Worcestershire.
Norah Newman - Servant [single] age 20 - b. 1861 - Southrop, Gloucestershire.

Elizabeth (Brown) Williams married George Henry Biddle in Westminster, London. 3rd qtr. 1877
Her first marriage was to Henry Edward Williams - in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 3rd qtr. 1867 - Henry died 21st December, 1875 - They had two children, Mr. Francis Wigley Greswolde Greswolde-Williams and Henry John Greswolde-Williams.

1891 Census [RG12/2197]

Address: The Priory, Repton, Burton-on-Trent, South Derbyshire.

Francis W. G. Williams - age 16 - b. Fairford, Gloucestershire. - Scholar


1901 Census [RG13/1784]

Address: Bath Hotel, Cobald Road, Felixstowe, East Suffolk

Henry J. G. Williams - Boarder [single] age 25 - b. Fairford, Gloucester. - Occupation: Living on own means.



1911 Census The Mount, Torque, Devonshire. and 1939 Register - Broadwas Court

1911 census

Address; The Mount, Torque, Devonshire.

Henry John Greswolde Williams [single] Male [age 34] b. 1877 Cirencester, Gloucestershire. - Private Means [• I think birth date should be 1875]
John Swabey Russell Visitor [married] Male [age 47] b. 1864 Leck,Staffordshire. - Private Means
Dorothy Sara Russell Visitor [married] Female [age 47] b. 1864 Meanwood, Yorkshire. - Private Means
Jeanie Smith Visitor [single] Female [age 42] b. 1869 Meanwood ,Yorkshire. - Private Means
Eleanor McDonald Servant [single] Female [age 42] b. 1869 Pennaen, Swansea. - Cook Domestic
Sarah Spier Servant [single] Female [age 23] b. 1888 Abingdon, Berks. - Parlour maid Domestic
Emily Spier Servant [single] Female [age 34] b. 1877 Midford, Domestic. - Upper Housemaid Domestic
Annie Snell Servant [single] Female [age 19] b. 1892 Chudleigh, Devon. - Under House Maid Domestic
Irene Hawkins Servant [single] Female [age 20] b. 1891 Brixham, Devon. - Kitchen maid Domestic

1937 Deed Poll

Notice is hereby gven that Henry John Greswolde-Williams (Now or lately called Henry John Williams) of Broadwas Cour,t in the parish of Broadwas and county of Worcester Esquire; Sheriff of the said county by deed poll dated the fouteenth day of April 1937 duly enrolled in the College of Arms on the fifteenth day of the said month has assumed and adopted the surname of Greswolde_Williams in lieu of his former surname of Williams, and intends henceforth upon all occasions to sign and subscribe himself and to be called and styled by the surname of Greswolde-Williams in lieu of his former surname of Williams.

15th April, 1937. R. P. Graham-Vivian, Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms.

1939 Register - Broadwas Court

Henry John Greswolde-Willliams [single] - b. 10th July, 1885. - Occupation: Landowner [•There appears to be a discrepancy here, I think birth date should be 1875]
Harold A. Dent [single] - b. 17th March, 1896. - Occupation: Secretary
Hubert S. Griffin [married] - b. 14th January, 1891. - Occupation: Gardener [Domestic Duties].
Gertrude E. Griffin [married] - b. 122nd August, 1889. - Occupation: House Keeper [Domestic Duties].
Hannah Drinkwater [single] - b. 28th January, 1882. - Occupation: Cook [Domestic Duties].
Florence I. Harris [single] - b. 24th February, 1910. - Occupation: Parlour Maid [Domestic Duties].
Winifred Trehearne [single] - b. 24th August, 1911. - Occupation: House Maid [Domestic Duties].
Winifred Johnson [single] - b. 14th January, 1922. - Occupation: Kitchen Maid [Domestic Duties].
Ivy Ellen James [single] - b. 17th December, 1919. - Occupation: House Maid [Domestic Duties].

Court Cottages

William G. Wyatt [married] - b. 9th February, 1881. - Occupation: Gardener [Head].
Martha E. Wyatt [married]- b. 24th February, 1910. - Unpaid Domestic Duties.

Above girls from Broadwas Court - Marriages

Florence I. Harris - Married: Charles H. Ganderton [1942 - Hereford]
Winifred Trehearne - Married: William A. Sanders [12-7-1943 - Droitwich]
Winifred Johnson - Married: Edward S. Wood [6-4-1964 - Bromyard]
Ivy Ellen James - Married: James H. Price [2-10-1950 - Droitwich]



Probates regarding Agnes Elizabeth Baynton and Henry John Greswolde-Williams - The Mount, Torquay, Devon.

Thomas Baynton
Married: Jane Dorothy Williams [Perhaps this was Henry John Greswolde-Williams' Aunty]
On: 23rd January, 1826.
At: Bedwardine, Worcester.

They had a daughter. Agnes Elizabeth Baynton
Born: 1837
Baptised: 29th November, 1837. [Portsmouth, Hampshire]

In Probate, her mother Jane Dorothy Baynton, wife of, Thomas Baynton
Formerly of Pitmaston Road, Worcester but late of the Mount, Torquay, Devon.

Date of Decease: 18th January, 1890.
Date of Document: 18th June, 1890.

Left her daughter Agnes Elizabeth Baynton, spinster, of The Mount, Torquay, Devon.
The amount of £35,191 19s 11d

In Probate, Agnes Elizabeth Baynton, of The Mount, Torquay, Devon [Spinster]

Date of Decease: 4th January, 1906. [died at the Russell Hotel, Russell-square, Middlesex] [Buried in Torquay Cemetery]
Date of Document: 10th February, 1906.

Left, Henry John Greswolde-Williams Esquire
Of the Mount, Torquay, Devon
The amount of; £72,186 8s 2d

In 1911 Census - Henry John Greswolde-Williams is living at The Mount, Torquay, Devon.



Funeral of Mr. H. Greswolde-Williams - Torbay Express and South Devon Echo - 14th April, 1949.

Torbay Express and South Devon Echo - 14th April, 1949.

Funeral of Mr. H. Greswolde-Williams [d. 9th April,1949]

The funeral of Mr. H. Greswolde-Williams, of Meadwood St., Mark's-road, torquay, and Broadwas Court, Worcester, who died in Birmingham General Hospital on Saturday took place at Torquay Cemetery yesterday.
A service was held at St. Mark's Church conducted by the Rector (Rev. F. S. Girdlestone). The hymns "The King of Love; and "Our Blest Redeemer" and the 23rd Psalm "The Lord is my Shepherd" was sung. Mr. I. Ireland was the organist.
The principal mourners were Mr. Pat Summers, Mr. Harold A. Dent, Major E.O. Kay, Mr. G. H. Laurence Easterbrook and Mr. and Mrs. Griffin. Mr. S. H. Easterbrook was unable to be present.
Torquay Horticultural Society, of which Mr. Greswolde-Williams was president, was represented by Mr. W. Avery (chairman), Mr. C. Heard (hon. Secretary), Mr. E. G. Tapley, Mr. G. Johnson, Mr. H. Turner, Mr. S. Dure, Mr. A. Langfold and Mr. D. Calthorpe.
Others in the church were Mr. R. Finch (churchwarden at Broadwas Church, Worcester, where Mr. Greswolde-Williams was also a churchwarden), Mrs. R. Finch, Mr. Fred Hunt (head gamekeeper on the Broadwas Court estate), Mrs. Fred Hunt, Mr Frank Jones (Broadwas), Mrs. V. M. L. Vaughan, (representing Torquay Division Conservative Association), Mrs. G. M. Oakden (also representing Dr. Oakden), Mrs. J. Lund, Miss L. Child, Miss M. Walker (Worcestershire), Mrs. F. Clough, Miss D. E. Clough, Mrs. G. A. Swift, Mr. Barry Swift, Mr. T. F. Adams, Mr. H. M. Davey, Mr. And Mrs. H. S. Griffin (Gloucester), also representing Mrs. Edgerton and Miss Perkins, Broadwas, Mr. A. W. Price, Dr. J. M. Jarvie, Mr. J. S. Grist, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Beer.
Floral tributes were sent by Pat; Harold; Michael; Louise and Ken, and children; Michael and Mary Barry; Mr. Lund; Torquay Horticultural Society; Mrs. Everton and Miss Perkins (Broadwas); the Broadwas Sick Dividend Club; Mrs. Frank Weare (Tunbridge Wells); Employees of Broadwas Estate; Reg and Olive Finch; Head Gardener Broadwas Court, T. Davies; Mrs Davies and Desmond; Griffin and Mrs. Griffin; Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Clarke; Mrs. Swift, Peter, Audrey and John; Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Allan and Win; The Friends of Worcester Cathedral, Mr. and Miss Clough; The Tenants of the Cradley Estate; Mrs. Charles Wood; Maud Geoffrey and Rosamund Smith (Tadcaster); Mr and Mrs Pope and Deana; Mrs Clift, John and Babs; Major Kay and Mrs. Hicks; G. K. and E. H. Beur and Family; Au Revoir, "Gres''; Mrs. A. Birtwhistle (St. Anne's-on-Sea); Mr. and Mrs H. R. Collins and family; Mr. and Mrs. J Forsyth Gimson; Mr. and Mrs. Oakden and Anne; A. and I. Warren; Louie; Broadwas School children; The Children and Staff of Knightwick School; Mr. and Mrs. P. Pinlington, Euna, Penny; Carole, Mrs. and Miss Penlington (Broadwas); A. M. Thomas (Broadwas); Mabel Daniels (Broadwas); The Children of Broadwas School, Worcester; Mr. Pugh and family (Broadwas); All at 56. Princes-road, Torquay; Ebb and Alice, Mr. and Mrs. E. West; Harry, Hazel, Mary and Bill (Portland Oregon); Ethel and Dick (Bolton); Baby Jean Wood, Court Cottage, Broadwas; Mrs. Gardner and Jim and all at Court Cottage; Mr. and Mrs. Lor am and Douglas; The Tenant Farmers, Broadwas; Mr. and Mrs. Pullen and family; Royal Oak, Broadwas;
Messrs.. Williams & Cox, Torquay, were the undertakers.

Probate: London on the 19th September, 1949 to Samuel Herbert Easterbrook and George Herbert Laurence Easterbrook solicitors. Effects £30,314 8s. 7d.



Strangers with cheque books take over the lawns of Broadwas Court - Birmingham Gazette - Wednesday, 7th September, 1949.


Birmingham Gazette - Wednesday, 7th September, 1949.

Strangers with cheque books take over the lawns of Broadwas Court


The housekeeper and the big game hunter from Mombasa.

For two Midland women an era ended yesterday. The scene was a white marquee pitched outside the ivy-covered facade of Broadwas Court, Georgian mansion on the bank of the Teme near Worcester. The era was sealed by the first rap of an auctioneer's hammer. The women were the housekeeper and a niece of Mr. Henry Greswolde-Williams, former squire of Broadwas, who died last April and whose collection of antiques and silver was being auctioned to collectors.

As the auctioneer's voice droned on and on, the two women strolled through the house they had loved, remembering the sad times, remembering the gay times.

Fifty-six-year-old Fanny Gardner was rather relieved that the sale had begun at last. For five months she had lived alone with the valuable silver, rare china find oil paintings, and she had been "terrified of thieves."

This grey-haired, quietly-spoken woman had been housekeeper, servant, cook and caretaker to the bachelor squire for 15 years.

She said yesterday, 'It was a great relief when the sale was advertised, as since then, there have been plaln-clothes police officers patrolling the grounds during dark and uniformed police have kept an eye on the premises in the day".

As High Sheriff of Worcestershire, Mr. Greswolde-Williams entertained judges, county officials and other dignitaries. Cooking housework and other household tasks were left to the capable hands of Mrs. Gardner and she enjoyed every minute.


She reflects: "It had been hard work and a big responsibility but I regard this 15 years as an important chapter of my Iife. Now the time has come for me to retire to my little cottage in the village".

The niece was Mrs. G. A. Heath, 41-year-old big-game hunter ("I shot my first lion at the age of 11") and now a resident of Mtwapa, near Mombasa. She flew from East Africa earlier this year to see her uncle. but he died before her arrival.

Now one of the three beneficiaries of the house and 3,800-acre estate, Mrs. Heath is anxious to buy the family pieces which hold a sentimental value to her.

"It so difficult" she said "Every time I bid for an article someone out-calls me."


She she did buy an Arab chest given to her mother by the Sultan of Zanzibar years ago.

She wanted a stuffed lion but it was sold while she was out of the auctioneer's tent. "It went for 12 guineas a magnificent animal."

The contents of Broadwas Court including, ornamental garden masonry overlooking the banks of the Teme. Today hundreds of pieces of silverware. ranging from small of cigarette cases to outsize tureens and presentation cups will be offered.


So far prices have been satisfactory, according to the salesmen.

A King Charles grandfather armchair, upholstered in silk damask, went for £72; a Jacobean tall-boy for £23; a William and Mary period fender seat for £16 10s; a pair of Cromwellian chairs for £13 10s; an antique mirror for £18 10s.

The court and its wooded parklands will be sold in the near future to meet death duty levies, which amount to about £70,000. Some of the heirlooms {they are not being sold} have been in the family for more than 400 years.

Housekeeper Mrs. Gardner looks at the oil painting of her employer in his robes of High Sheriff of Worcestershire.
She is to retire to her small cottage in the village.


Birmingham Gazette, Friday, 2nd September, 1949.


Furniture from old home

PROBABLY the biggest sale of furniture, china and silver In Worcestershire for the past 25 years is to take place at Broadwas Court, five miles from Worcester, next week. Starting on Tuesday, it will last six days, and is expected to attract hundreds of private collectors and dealers from all over the country. There have also been inquiries from America.
Thousands of pounds worth of period furniture includes Sheraton. Chippendale. Hepplewhite, Adam and Jacobean pieces.

Dresden china

Alongside Crown Derby. Worcester, French and Dresden china will be sold a collection of over 300 pieces of blue and white Oriental china.
The collection was built up by the late owner of Broadwas Court, Mr. Henry Greswolde-Williams, who travelled all over the world. The outstanding feature of the catalogue is the large quantity of silver (over 4,500 ounces) including Georgian, Victorian and modern pieces
After the collection has been sold, the 14-roomed mansion and 2800 acre estate will be offered for sale.

Charming setting

The house is in a charming setting with the River Teme running near by. Here big parties took place before the war and it was the venue of meets of the North Ledbury foxhounds.
The reason for the sale is that the estate is entailed and in the hands of trustees. Beneficiaries are a nephew, Capt. Patrick Summers, serving in the Army, and two nieces who are in Kenya.

Broadwas Court Estate in 1950 and the newspaper reports on the auction of farms, houses and cottages.

The following is only the Broadwas Court Estate - the Greswolde-Williams' family owned vast estates elsewhere in Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, and also in Kenya, East Africa.

Broadwas Court, Bromyard Road, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Woodend Farm, Wichenford, Hereford and Worcester
Brownscroft, Wichenford, Hereford and Worcester
Vine Cottage, Wichenford, Hereford and Worcester
Allsetts Farm, Wichenford, Hereford and Worcester
Peghouse Farm, Wichenford, Hereford and Worcester
Cobhouse Farm, Wichenford, Hereford and Worcester
Little Cobhouse, Wichenford, Hereford and Worcester
Hucks Farm, Wichenford, Hereford and Worcester
Doddenham Hall, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Upper Gurnox Farm, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Haynes Green Farm, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
The Old House, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Thorney, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Lower Gurnox Farm, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Vineyards, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Bannersbrook, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Bank Cottages, Darby Green, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
River View, Darby Green, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Thorns Cottage, Darby Green, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Mount Pleasant Cottage, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Heathy Cottage, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Shooters Cottage, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Leap Cottage, Devils Leap, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Keepers Cottage, Munns Green, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Hazeley, Doddenham, Hereford and Worcester
Wants Green Farm, Martley, Hereford and Worcester
Mill House, Martley, Hereford and Worcester
Blackfields Farm, Cotheridge, Hereford and Worcester
The Cedars, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Eversfield Cottages, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Butts Farm, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Noxons Farm, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Hill Farm, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Ashbed Cottages, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Brook Farm, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Buttsbank Farm, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Ivy House Farm, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Stone Farm, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Broadwas Garage, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Brook House, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Western Hill Cottage, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Hardimas House, Broadwas, Hereford and Worcester
Ravenhill Court, Ravenhills Green, Lulsley, Hereford and Worcester
The Warren, Lulsley, Hereford and Worcester
*Upper Court Farm, Lulsley, Hereford and Worcester

(Mr Pope the tenant, buys his farm at auction on the 26th July, 1950 - see opposite).
Bayliss Cottage, Lulsley, Hereford and Worcester
Barn Cottages, Lulsley, Hereford and Worcester
Hill Farm, Lulsley, Hereford and Worcester
Ravenhill Green Farm, Ravenhills Green, Lulsley, Hereford and Worcester
Greenstreet Farm, Lulsley, Hereford and Worcester
Court Cottage, Alfrick, Hereford and Worcester
Folly Farm, Alfrick, Hereford and Worcester

Birmingham Daily Gazette - 24th July, 1950.

Auction will end a 1066 Estate.

An Auctioneer will mount the rostrum of the Shire hall, Worcester, next Wednesday, and with each blow of his hammer he will crumble a heritage that dates from the Norman Conquest.
He will also set 15 Teme-side farmers wondering about their future. In the catalogue before him will be particulars of the 3,220 acres Broadwas Estate, formerly the home of Mr. H. J. Greswolde-Williams, last squire of Broadwas and High Sheriff of Worcestershire.
Mr. Greswolde-Williams's death last year ended a line of yeomen that had governed Broadwas since the Conquest.
It is their future which is causing farmers on the estate grave uneasiness.
Mr. Lawson Walker, tenant of the Cedars farm, last night told the Birmingham Gazette: "Buying your farm means borrowing, and many of us are afraid to put a millstone round our necks. Our new landlords may be anyone, and a bad landlord can make a farmer's life unbearable."

Birmingham Daily Gazette - 27th July, 1950.

Ancient Midland estate is sold.

Plans and catalogues are hastily studied as another farm on the 1,000-year-old Broadwas Court estate comes up for auction. Many of the bidders were tenants taking the last chance to buy the homes they have lived in all their lives.
(I think Lawson Walker is the gentleman closest to the left holding a catalogue).

Mr. Pope (75) Buys after 47 years.

Mr. Pope "I've waited 47 years …"

Tall, heavily-built Walter Pope, a stick clutched between his hands, nodded his head in Worcester Shire Hall yesterday and became the owner of the farm in the Teme Valley that he has farmed for 47 years.
Mr. Pope, now 75, paid £15.000 for *Upper Court Farm, Lulsley. One of the 19 farms, three houses, cottages and 3,220 acres of land belonging to the Broadwas Court Estate sold by auction yesterday.
The estate, owned by the Gresowlde-Williamas family and their ancestors for nearly 1,000 years, was sold because Mr. H. J. Greswolde-Williams, who died in April, 1949, left no heir. The sale realised nearly £172.000.
Mr. Pope left hospital on Tuesday so he could bid for his 41 acre farm.
" I wasn't going to miss this." he said " I've waited for 47 years to buy this.
"I've lived all my life in this valley amid rich agricultural land and the hop fields."

Court not sold

Broadwas Court itself was not sold. The seven-bedroomed Georgian house, on the banks of the salmon-breeding Teme and surrounded by lawns and ten acres of land was withdrawn.
The highest bid, £5.100, was " silly price " for such a house, said the auctioneer. Mr. C. D. A. Powell.
At the end of the sale Mr. Powell said he had already received a private bid for the mansion. " Prices were low," he added, " because we set a low reserve to enable the tenants to have a better chance of buying their own houses, but the trustees are very satisfied."
Many of the tenants bought the homes they have lived in for many years and only a few were outbid.

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