Plattoon at Knightwick.

K. Company (Knightwick) of the 7th Worcestershire (Malvern) Battalion Home Guard. This photo has been taken of a smaller group and the Company Commander Dr. R. H. Clarke is not in this photo. Could it be that the men were split in to smaller Platoons and this was one of them? My father Ted Holland is standing second in from the left on the top row, next to him at the end of row is Toddler Rickets and fourth in from the left on the bottom row is our next door neighbor Ted Morris. This photo also shows the Company ammunition and armaments store on the bank behind the Platoon. The photograph was taken in the grounds of Woodford House, which also housed the Surgery of Dr Clarke and acted as the Company Headquarters.

1) A Battalion is made up of 2 - 5 Companies with a Lieutenant Colonel in Charge.
2) A Company is made up of 2 - 4 Platoons with a Captain in Charge.
3) A Platoon is made up of 3 - 4 squads with a Lieutenant in Charge.

The following is from an article "All our Yesterdays" from the Worcester Evening News (unfortunately the cutting had no date on it).

The "Dad's Army" who defended the Knightwick area during the last war is remembered with today's line up photograph from nearly half-a-century ago. It was a Home Guard division whose ranks included several members of the Hadley family at Lulsley. The picture has been sent in by Mrs Pamela Matthews (maiden name Hadley) who's father Jack (sixth from the left in the back row) and two uncles and a cousin were all in the Knightwick Home Guard. Mrs Matthews also had another uncle in the Home Guard and a fourth serving in the Army. She now lives at Linley Green, Whitbourne and lists some others in the line up as Ted Holland, Bill Webb, John Chater, Jim Rollings, "Badge" Perkins, Ted Brookes, Jack Clift, Jack Saunders, Alfred Cowell, Ted Morris, John Powell, Chris Lewis and men with the surnames Evans, Morris Goodyear and Jimson.


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