View of Knightwick and Ankerdine Hill.

Photograph (Many thanks to Major [Retd] Janet Brodie-Murphy) of a very unusual panorama of Knightwick. I had to look at this several times to assess where the photo was being taken from. So I can now see it is above the river Teme, slightly west of the Old Mill and Weir, on the hillside where the Turnpike House stands.

So what you see is the ham meadow leading into the village of Knightwick, with Ankerdine hillside beyond it. The white of the Talbot Hotel stands out well as too does the spire of St. Mary the Virgin, Knightwick's Church, also the Nurse's House is prominent standing above the School and Almshouses.

The lady appears to be posing for the camera and looking at her dress attire probably early Edwardian 1901 - 1910 (the card was dated 1911).


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