Knightwick from Ankerdine Hill.

Photograph (Many thanks to Major [Retd] Janet Brodie-Murphy) of a view of Knightwick village. Places that can be seen are the Post Office, St Mary the Virgin church, the Alms Houses, School and Talbot Hotel. The road from Ankerdine Hill crosses Knightwick Bridge and following the poplar trees and to the right of the last one is Woodford House where Doctor Clarke used to live and run his practice from. The Teme meanders upstream and you can clearly see the Mill and weir. Hopyards can be seen both sides of the river Teme, with the Ham Meadows along side it. The main A44 road goes westwards past the Mill and on to Whitbourne, Bringsty and Bromyard. A small lane goes slightly south-west to Suckley Green.

The following is from the back of an identical postcard of the above:-

"Dear Mother, We thought you had quite forgotten us as you did not write, and were very much relieved when we received your cards. Lucy has been down this afternoon and Christine looked all round for you and shed a few tears. Does Llandudno satisfy you? I sincerely hope you are having a good time and the weather is favourable. All are quite well, write soon. Please keep these P.C's".
Love from Winnie

Address: Mrs Martin, C/O Mrs. Williams, Abergavenny House, Augusta Street, Llandudno.

Posted: 8th July,I have recently bought this same card 1912 at 7.45, West Bromwich.


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