Bruff Manufacturing Company, Suckley, Worcestershire.

Bruff Manufacturing Company, Suckley, Worcestershire. [coloured from an old black and white photo - 1954]

Here seen loading their machinery at Knightwick station, on its way possibly to Eastern Europe.

The firm began in the 1930's with the production of sprout and hop picking machines. A small part of the business was devoted to the production of spare parts, which were exported as far as Africa and Australia. A land drainage machine was then developed for both home and export markets, but that seriously declined with the removal of the government's land drainage subsidy.

The Company was then involved in the design and production of a revolutionary recovery vehicle for British Rail. It was basically a four wheel drive lorry chassis, which was capable of travelling on roads, rough terrain and railway tracks.

The Bruff Manufacturing Company, was the largest Manufacturing Company, in Suckley, with fifty local people (mostly men) on the shop floor.

One of the first Hop Picking Machines that the Bruff manufactured was installed at Ankerdine Farm, Knightwick, Worcestershire.

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