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Golden Wedding Anniversary 26th September 1921 of My Great Grandfather Philip Grubham and Grandmother Eliza (Berry) Grubham.

Standing from left to right are:
Mary Doman, (who thirty years later married my Grandfather).
My Grandmother Lucy (Grubham) Jones (45) (daughter of Philip and Eliza).
My Grandfather, John William Jones (44), (standing behind wearing a boater).
Jane (Kettle) Grubham (75) (Richard Grubham's wife).
James Grubham (40) (Emily's husband and son of Philip and Eliza).
Fanny Berry (73) (Lucy's sister).
Emily (Mason) Grubham (James's wife).
Possibly either, Mary or Lucy Berry. (Eliza Grubham's Fanny Berry's, sister)
Esther Elizabeth (Lizzie) (Grubham) Flowers (44) (daughter of Philip and Eliza)
Olive Grubham (40) and May Grubham (37) (daughter's of Richard and Jane)
Henry Grubham (38) (Alice's husband and son of Philip and Eliza).
Joseph Grubham (58) (brother of Philip).
Alice Mary (Baker) Grubham (42) (Harry Grubham's wife).
Richard Grubham (71) (Jane's husband and brother of Philip).
Elizabeth Martha (Baker) Whitehead (Alice's sister).

Sitting from left to right are:
Doris Eliza Jones (12) (daughter of John and Lucy).
Eliza (Bury) Grubham (70).
Possibly, Laura M. Whitehead ( Elizabet Martha (Baker) Whitehead's daughter.
Philip Grubham (76).
Mabel Grubham (12) (daughter of Henry and Alice)
Lucy Baker (Aliceand Elizabeth's, mother).

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