Here we have the Broadwas School Reunion 1945 - 1960, held at Broadwas Village Hall on Saturday, 21st May, 2011. Arranged by Sue Ganderton and Jackie Draper, with help from Geraldine Cooper. We all had a lovely day and were also invited to view our old school by the Headmaster who gave us a tour and told us how the school has developed.

Back Row: Julie Ganderton, Christine White, Derek Grubb, Anita Jones, Eddie Taylor, Jean Turner, Roger Ganderton, Richard Spencer, Clive Nicholas, David Barry, Grace Nicholas, Clive Stokes, Mrs T. Cunningham, Billy Barry, Philip Holland (me), Henry Carwood, David Barber, Terry Cunningham, Mary White, Jackie Grubb, Vick Vernals.

Front Row: Rosemary Jones, Fay Hunt, John Carwood, Des Grub, Jennifer Ganderton, Margaret Ganderton, Angela Chater, Rosalind Quartely, Sandra Gegg, Sue Ganderton.

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