This is my Uncle Frank & Aunty Amy's garage at Broadwas, the pumps were more modern ones and I can remember the ones before these which had handles on that were turned to pump the petrol in to the tanks on cars and other vehicles that stopped here. The house looks more like the one from the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho, it was knocked down and replaced with the house that stands there today by my uncle's partner Les Green after he took on the garage when Frank and Amy retired. Frank moved all the bank that you can see behind the pumps and built a large commercial repair garage where he and his partner Les worked. There was a bungalow built to the side and this was where Les and his family lived. Standing in front of the pumps is there daughter-in-law Rosemary who was married to Frank and Amy's son Gordon Jones. In my first days at Broadwas School my Aunty Amy would collect me off the Midland Red bus and escort me to school which is situated opposite where they lived. Then in the evening she would fetch me and I would stay at their house until it was time to catch the bus back home to the Post Office Knightwick, where I lived with my family.

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