The village Blacksmith was once an important member of the rural community. At Broadwas, Mr James Hill performed the dual function of blacksmith and sub-postmaster. Henry hill, his nephew, is the blacksmith to the left-hand side. Henry took over the business in due course and ran it until its closure in 1952. Henry died in 1962 at the age of 86 and is buried in Broadwas churchyard.

In 1939, Henry Hill was both blacksmith, sub-postmaster and garage/petrol pumps owner. His wife was Fanny M. Hill and they had two daughters Dora Grant Hill and Violet Mary Hill. Fanny was Post Office assistant. Dora married William H Burrett in 1941 and Bill Burrett became the village Postman. Violet married Alfred E. Taylor in 1940 and Alf took over the business and owned the Garage where motorists would stop for petrol and goods from their shop.

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