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Herbert Varney




Alfred Varney, 21 years old, Bachelor.
Job: Leather Finisher
Address: 2 Albion Street, Otley, Yorkshire.
Married: Annis Evelyn Smith, 18 years old, Spinster.
Address: 2 Crow Lane, Otley, Yorkshire.
On: 24th July, 1920.
At: Otley Parish Church, Yorkshire.
Fathers: Fred Varney, Warehouseman and Ernest Willie Smith, Yarn Stretcher.
Rector: R. P. Hadland.
In the presence of: E. W. Smith (brides, father) and Leonora Smith, (brides sister).

1911 Annis Evelyne Smith



The 1939 register was taken on 29 September 1939 by the British Government and recorded personal details of individuals in order to issue identity cards and ration books. It later formed the basis of the National Health Service's records.

In the 1939 Register:

Address: 20 Farnley Lane, Otley, Yorkshire. (West Riding)

Alfred Varney b. 16th November, 1898 - Leather Tanner
Annis E. Varney b. 9th November , 1901 - Unpaid Domestic Duties
Ernest M. Varney b. 10th July, 1921 - Chamois Leather Wheeler
Alwyn Varney b. 22nd February, 1925 - Jobber Lad, Woollen Mills
Audrey F. Varney b. —— At School
Brian Varney b. 16th April, 1935 - At School
Alan S. Varney b. 2nd September, 1937 - Under School Age
Rita L. Varney b. 9th March, 1939 - Under School Age
(Rita married N. K. Holden 19/10/1960)


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