View from Ankerdine Hill.

Photograph (Many thanks to Major [Retd] Janet Brodie-Murphy) of a view across the Teme valley from Ankerdine Hill.
Ankerdine Farm nestles amonst the orchards, hopyards and fields for hay and grazing. The two hop drying kilns can be seen and if you start on the left of photo you will see how the river Teme meanders like a question mark toward the farm and from the kilns you can see it flowing upstream towards Horsham (and onwards to Tedney). Central to photo you can see Whitbourne Court, with its moat clearly visible to its left and beyond it is St. John the Baptist Church, where I was married in 1975. I can't be absolutely sure but it may the house top left is Huntlands Farm, Linley Green, Whitbourne, where Alec Brodie used to live.


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