Knightwick Manor - The hunt pack.

(Many thanks to Major [Retd] Janet Brodie-Murphy) showing the hunt preparing for a day of fox hunting c. 1910. All the drinks have been laid out on the table in readiness and many of the huntsmen are having a tipple before the hunt begins. A nice photo showing Knightwick Manor on a sunny day.

Most likely the men in this photograph would possibly have been, Thomas Lawson Walker and his sons. See the 1911 Census below.

The Point-to-Points:-

Horsham was the original point to point venue when I was a boy, today it has returned to Knightwick and is run on ham meadows opposite the old quarry, with Osebury Rock rising high above the river Teme on the south side.

Point to points are a lower level of horse racing, with all participants – both equine and human – registered with or members of a hunt. The name came about when huntsmen would race their horses from church to church, using the steeples as a guide to direction. One branch became known as steeplechasing, while the other saw the name point to point born.

The races are run over chase fences, ridden by amateurs and generally contain horses at different ends of their career. The majority of races are three-mile contests, with makeshift racecourses popping up in fields all over the U.K and Ireland.

1911 Census: Manor, Knightwick, Worcestershire.


1911 Census: The Manor, Knightwick, Worcestershire.

Thomas Lawson Walker - Head [age 53] Married - Farmer [Employer] - b. Knightwick, Worcestershire.
Hannah Mary Walker - [nee Guest] Wife [age 50] - b. Broadwas, Worcestershire.
John Walker - Son [age 25] Single - Farmers son, working on farm [worker] - b. Knightwick, Worcestershire.
William Walker - Son [age 24] Single - Farmers son, working on farm [worker] - b. Knightwick, Worcestershire.
Lawson Walker - Son [age 20] Single - Farmers son, working on farm [worker] - b. Knightwick, Worcestershire.
Mary Walker - Daughter [age 18] Single - b. Knightwick, Worcestershire.

Gerald Noel Ostler - Boarder [age 23] Single - Farm Pupil - b. Chapletown, Leeds.
Frederick William Morris - Boarder [age 20] - Farm Pupil - b. Holmes, Hereford.

Esther Smith - Servant [age 44] Widow - Domestic Servant [Cook] [worker] - b. Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire.
Ethel Wilcox - Servant [age 17] Single - Domestic Servant [House Maid] [worker] - b. Martley, Worcestershire.
May Lucy - Servant [age 15] Single - Domestic Servant [Between Maid] [worker] - b. Worcester.
John Tompkins - Servant [age 16] Single - Farm Boy with Horses [worker] - b. Knightwick, Worcestershire.
William Baker - Servant [age 60] Married - Cowman on Farm [worker] - b. Ladywood, Birmingham.
Sarah Baker - Servant [age 59] Married - Working Woman [worker] - b. Leominster, Herefordshire.

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