The Mill, Knightwick.

Photograph (Many thanks to Major [Retd] Janet Brodie-Murphy) of the Old Mill, Knightsford Bridge. This again is a great postcard, the man by the mill wheel is quite possibly the miller. The house he lived in is above the mill and the other house central of the photo is Turnpike House.

In 1835 the owner of the Mill, Charles Starling became bankrupt and many parts including the Mill were auctioned off. Below are newspaper advertisements regarding the auction. Also it appears than another advert in 1842 gives another auction of the Mill?

If you visit the Knightwick Chapel, you will see some impressive box tomb, with slab graves, of the Starling Family.

Newspaper reports of Bankruptsy

Monday, the 31st of August 1835

Monday, the 31st of August 1835

Monday the 26th day of September, 1842


By order Assignees of CHARLES STARLING, a
Bankrupt at Mr. Walker's, the Talbot Inn, Knightsford Bridge, on Monday, the 31st of August instant, At five o'clock in the afternoon ;

LOT 1. All that WATER CORN MILL, working
Four pair of Stones, called KNIGHTWICK
MILL. Situate on the River Teme, in the parish
of Knightwick, in the county of Worcester.
Also a most comfortable DWELLING HOUSE
and Cider Mill, Granary, Malting Room, Stabling
for 13 horses, Cowhouse, Piggeries, and other
conveniences attached thereto, with nearly
3 Acres of Orcharding and Coppice Land adjoining.

LOT 2. The REVERSION, in fee expectant on the determination of the LEASE by which the same is now held for three Lives, aged respectively 48, 44, and 38 years, of and in all that newly-built COTTAGE RESIDENCE, called KNIGHTWICK MILL COTTAGE, Coach-house, two-stall Stable, large garden, &c., adjoining the Bromyard,
opposite to the 9-mile stone from Worcester
to that town.

Lot 1 is Freehold of Inheritance, is in an excellent repair, and a more advantageous Investment to Corn-dealers and Millers
than this Property affords, has not been offered to competition for years. The Mill is in the best condition, stand on a never-failing Stream of Water, and is worked at all times of the year, except for a few hours, in extreme floods; is within 9 miles of the City of Worcester, and 5 of Bromyard. Several hundred
Pounds have, within a few years, been upended on the Mill, the House and the Outbuildings. An exclusive Right of Fishing
in the Time extends from the Mill for half a mile.

Knightwick Mill Cottage stands on a delightful eminence, and commands on every side, views of a highly picturesque Country, with the River Time meandering under it.

For outgoings and other particulars, apply to Messrs. SAUNDERS & HELM, Solicitors; to Messrs. GWINNELL and HUGHES, Solicitors; or to the AUCTIONEER, all of Worcester.

Between Worcester and Bromyard, 5 miles from the latter and 9 miles from the former.
On Monday, the 31st of August. And Tuesday, the 1st of September, 1835, by direction of the Assigues of CHARLES STARLING, A Bankrupt.

The entire truly-valuable LIVE STOCK, including
a Team of powerful WAGGON HORSES, in high
condition CATTLE and PIGS, broad and narrow-wheel TILTED WAGGONS, a few AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, very excellent STORE and HOGSHEAD CASKS, TWO RICKS of HAY., one to go off. Patent SCALES and WEIGHTS, quantity of SACKS, GIG and HARNESS, DAIRY ARTICLES, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LINEN, and other Effects, at KNIGHTWICK MILL, in the Parish of KNIGHTWICK, in the county of WORCESTER.
colours, brown, roan, and grey, black hackney gelding and a brown ditto mare; 3 capital cows in milk and 4 superior heifers,
coming2; 4 sows with pigs and to pig; 7 stores and a remarkably fine boar; valuable broad and narrow wheel wagons, with tilts; broad and narrow wheel carts, ploughs, harrows, an excellent wheel dray, 5 suits of gearing, kiln and cider hairs, cast-iron pig troughs, 6 pieces of oak timber, good malt mill, about 7 dozen Sacks, sealed and weights, Aviery's PATENT WEIGHING
MACHINE, Passmore's PATENT CHAFF CUTTER, ditto; DENNET GIG, with rail body, lined drab, and harness; 5 valuable 450-GALLON CASKS, nearly new; 2 300-gallon ditto, at Horner's Mill, Tedstone-De-La-Mere, to be spent.
The FURNITURE is neat and includes four-post and stump bedsteads, with furniture; seasoned feather beds, blankets coverlets, mahogany chests with drawers, and bureau; tables, basin stands, oak hanging press, capital linen chest, bed and table linen, mahogany dining, Pembroke, and Pillar tables, an excellent wheel barometer, capital 8-day clock, in oak case; flitch of home fed bacon, a very good oak dresser, with drawers and shelves; china, glass, brewing requisites, dairy articles, and various other effects.
Catalogues may be had at the Falcon, Bromyard; Place of Sale; Talbot, Knightsford Bridge; Crown, Martley; Hundred House, Witley; Royal Oak, Broadwas; and of the Auctioneer, Sansome Lodge, Worcester.
The Sale will commence at ten o'clock each morning. The Furniture will be sold on the first day.

Adjoining the Turnpike Road between
Worcester and Bromyard.
At Mr. Walker's, the Talbot Inn, at Knightsford Bridge on Monday the 26th day of September, 1842, at three o'clock in the afternoon:

ALL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or DWELLING-HOUSE, with the Cider Mill, Granary, Stabling for 13 Horses, and WATER CORN MILL, working four pair of Stones, undershot Cast-iron Wheel, Fixtures and Machinery to the said Water Corn Mill belonging,
and Weir across the River Teme, and the several Pieces of Land thereto adjoining and belonging (that is to say):-

The GARDEN, containing IR. or thereabouts.
The ORCHARD, adjoining the River Teme, containing
IR. 32P., or thereabouts.
The COPPICE adjoining the said Orchard, containing
IR. 33P.
Also all that PIECE or PARCEL of LAND forming the
New Road, leading out of the Turnpike-Road from Knightsford Bridge to Bromyard, to the said Dwelling-house and Mill. And also all that other PIECE or PARCEL of LAND lying between the said Dwelling-houe and Mill, and at the Western end of the said Dwelling-house, with the Stables and Buildings thereon.
All which said Messuage, Mill Buildings, Lands, Hereditaments, and Premises, are situate in the Parish of KNIGHTWICK, in the County of Worcester, and late in the occupation of Charles Starling, at the yearly Rent of 80sh., but are now void.
and a more advantageous Investment to CORN DEALERS and MILLERS than this Property affords has not been offered to competition for years; the Mill stands on a never failing stream of Water, and is worked at all times of the year except for a few hours in extreme floods; is within nine miles of the City of Worcester and five of Bromyard, close to the Turnpike-Road; several hundred pounds have within a few
years been expended on the Mill, the House, and Outbuildings. For further particulars apply either to the Auctioneer, or to Mr. Ravenhill, Solicitor, Hereford.






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