Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming C.B.E. D.O.E. - and family

Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming C.B.E. D.S.O.. [photo taken in 1918]

Admiral Cuming and his wife Henrietta lived at the Turnpike House, Knightwick during their later years.

He changed his surname from Cumming to Cuming by deed poll, 5 August, 1913.

Census data for the Cumming family

1871 Census. RG10/5779

R S D Cumming - age 18 - b. 1853, Cheshire. Midshipman, [Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad] aboard the, Cherub, of North America and West Indies.

1881 Census. RG11/5634
Robert S D Cumming - age 28 - b. 1853, Douglas, Isle of Man. Senior Lieutenant, [Royal Navy at Sea, Ships and Overseas Establishments] aboard the, Woodlark.

1901 Census. RG13/2465
Henrietta Cumming - Head - Married (age 29) b. 1872 - Scotland
Hermian Cumming - Daughter (age 1) b. 1900 - -
Cecilia Cumming - Daughter (age 0) 1901 - Scotland
Mary Gibson - Sister - Single (age 21) b. 1880 - Scotland
Janet Berry - Servant - Single (age 26) b.1875 - Scotland - Nurse Domestic
Bessie McArthur - Servant - Single (age 22) b. 1879 - Scotland - Nurse Domestic
Address: 13, Royal Parade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

1911 Census. RG14
Henrietta Florence Cumming - Head - Married (age 39) b. 1872 - Edinburgh, Scotland.
Hermione Dulcie Etta Cumming - Daughter - Student (age 11) b. 1900 Kingsomborne, Hants.
Cecilia Alice Cumming - Daughter - Student (age 10) b. 1901 Riccarton, Midlothian.
Robert Julian Archibald Cumming - Son - (age 8) b. 1903 Beverley, Yorks.
Dorothy Emily Rhoda Marsh - Governess Single (age22) b. 1889 Sandridge, Herts.
Mary Stewart Baillie Shephard - Nurse - Single (age 28) b.1883 Ecclesmachan, Linlithgonshire.
Mary Jane Holtham - Servant Cook - Single (age 50) b. 1861 Worcester.
Annie Elizabeth Dobson - Ladies Maid - Single (age 28) b. 1883 Hook, Yorkshire.
Olive Nellie Cole - Servant House Maid - Single (age 19) b.1892 Cheltenham, Gloucester.
Florence Annie Clarke - Servant Parlour Maid - Single (age 19) b. 1892 Harvingdon, Worc's.
Bertha Halls - Servant General - Single (age 18) b. 1893 Astley, Worcestershire.
Address: Woodhampton, Astley, Stourport, Worcestershire.
[Robert and Henrietta have been married for 13 years and have three children].

In the Portsmouth Evening News - 21st February, 1930.

Lieut, R. J. A. Cuming Gibson-Craig, R.N., who was killed in the motor accident at Portsmouth Dockyard on Wednesday night, was the only son of Admiral R. S. D. Cuming, C.B.E. D.S.O. Lieut. Gibson Craig's mother is the eldest daughter of the late Sir J. H. Gibson-Craig, third baronet, of Riccarton, and he took the name of Gibson-Craig on succeeding to the Riccarton estates in 1926.

1939 Registration RG101/5814A [Surname is now Cuming - changed in 1913]
Robert S. D. Cuming - Married - b. 10th September, 1852 - Retired Admiral- Royal Navy.
Henrietta F. Cuming - Married - b. 10th October, 1871 - Private Means, Retired.
Sidney Mary Knight - Single - b. 18th July, 1872 - Private Means.
The record of three persons is closed.
Edith Haines - Single - b. 8th May, 1909. Domestic Servant.
The record of one person is closed.
Address: Turnpike House, Knightwick, Worcestershire.

[Edith Haines married Henry Matthews in Cheltenham on the 3rd August, 1951].

The Marriage of Captain Robert Stevenson Dalton Cumming R.N. and Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig 10-09-1897

Cheltenham Examiner - 18th August, 1897.


The nuptials were celebrated, at Riccarton, Currie, on the 10th, of Capt. Cumming, R. N., son of Lieut.- Colonel Cumming, of Coulter, Hatherley-road, Cheltenham, with Miss Henrietta Florence Gibson Craig, eldest daughter of Sir James and Lady Gibson Craig of Riccarton, Currie, Scotland. The ceremony was honoured with the presence of the King of Siam, in compliment to the bridegroom, who (assisted by Lieut. Walsh, R.N., of South Court, Up-Hatherley) brought his Majesty's yacht, with the King on board, to Europe. The service was performed in the dining-room at Riccarton, which was prettily ornamented with choice flowers, by the Very Rev. J. F. Montgomery, Dean of Edinburgh; the Rev. Leslie Goodwin, Rector of Aldington, Kent; and the Rev. W. Nicholson, Chaplain of H.M.S. Caledonia. The music was rendered by the band and choir of H.M.S. Caledonia, which was lately under the command of the bridegroom. The bride was attired in a dress, of white satin, trimmed with chiffon and silver embroidery; Court train of ivory-satin brocade, Brussels point lace and orange blossom, with wreath of Brussels lace and orange blossom. She wore diamond bangle, the gift of the bridegroom, an initial bangle, the gift of her sisters, a diamond star, the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas, of Whitehill, and a diamond fleur-de-lys. Her train was carried by Miss Margrove Spearman, dressed in white silk with a wreath of forget-me-nots, and Master Clement Hope, in white silk and blue sash. She was given away by her father. The bridesmaids were Misses Alice, Ela May, and Dulcie Gibson Craig, sisters of the bride; Miss Helen Cumming, sister of the bridegroom; and Miss Knox, Miss Dorothy Gibson Craig; nog, and Miss Muriel Finlay, cousins of the bride. Their dresses were of white glacé silk, trimmed with chiffon and insertion; Royal blue sashes, tulle veils and wreaths of forget-me-nots. Their pearl wheel brooches were the gift of the bridegroom, and they carried bouquets of red roses. Lieut. W. Nicholson, R.N., was best man. After the ceremony, a reception was held. and was attended by a distinguished company, in addition to the King of Siam and suite. The honeymoon is being spent in North Wales.

Wedding Homeward Mail from India, China and the east 16th August, 1897

Cumming - Gibson-Craig - August 10, at Riccarton, R. S. D. Cumming, Capt, Royal Navy, son of Lieut.-Col. R. O. Cumming, to Henrietta Florence Gibson Craig.

Aberdeen Press and Journal - 9th August, 1897.

The principal society wedding of this week will take place in Scotland - at Riccarton, near Edinburgh, on Tuesday, the contracting parties being Captain R. S. Cumming, R.N., commander of the Siamese Royal yacht, and son of Colonel R. O. Cumming, late 52nd Regiment, of Coulter, Cheltenham, and Miss Henrietta Florence Gibson Craig, eldest daughter of Sir James H. Gibson Craig, third baronet of Riccarton. The ceremony will be braced by the presence of the King of Siam, who has a great desire to see a wedding in this country.

Cheltenham Examiner - 18th August, 1897.

Cumming - Craig - August 10, at Riccarton, Currie, Scotland, by the very Rev. J. F. Montgomery, Dean of Edinburgh, assisted by the Rev. Leslie Goodwin, Rector of Aldington, Kent, and the Rev. W. Nicholson, Chaplain of H.M.S. Caledonia, Capt. Cumming, R.N., son of Lieut.-Col. Cumming, of Coulter, Hatherley-road, Cheltenham, to Henrietta Florence Gibson Craig, eldest daughter, of Sir James and Lady Gibson Craig, of Riccarton, Currie, Scotland.


Peerage information - Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming & Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig

Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming
b. 10 September, 1852. - d. 22 February, 1940.

Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming was born on 10 September, 1852. He was baptised on 16 October, 1852, at St. George, Douglas, Isle of Man. He married Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig, daughter of Sir James Henry Gibson-Craig of Riccarton, 3rd Bt. and Julia Buchanan, on 10 August 1897. He died on 22 February 1940 at age 87.
He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) He was appointed Commander, Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.) He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) He lived at Turnpike House, Knightwick, Worcestershire, England.
Children of Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming and Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig
1 Cecilia Souvahba Cuming
2 Robert Julian Archibald Cuming b. 29 May, 1902 - d. 19 February, 1930.
3 Hermione Dulcie Etta Cuming b. c 1917 - d. 30 March, 1945.

Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig
b. 2 October, 1871. - d. 30 April, 1956.

Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig was born on 2 October, 1871, at Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. She was the daughter of Sir James Henry Gibson-Craig of Riccarton, 3rd Baronet, and Julia Buchanan. She married Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming on 10 August 1897. She died on 30 April 1956 at age 84.
From 10 August 1897, her married name became Cuming.
Children of Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig and Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming
1 Cecilia Souvahba Cuming
2 Robert Julian Archibald Cuming b. 29 May, 1902 - d. 19 February, 1930.
3 Hermione Dulcie Etta Cuming b. c 1917 - d. 30 March, 1945.

Sir James Henry Gibson-Craig of Riccarton, 3rd Baronet.

James Henry Gibson-Craig
Birthdate: September 21, 1841.
Birthplace: Currie, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Death: September 28, 1908 (age 67)
Immediate Family:
Son of Sir William Gibson-Craig of Riccarton, 2nd Baronet and Elizabeth Sarah Gibson-Craig
Husband of Julia Gibson-Craig
Father of Henrietta Florence Cuming; Alice Gertrude Kirke; Grace Elizabeth Douglas; Mary Helen Beaumont; Dulcie Eleanor Gibson-Craig and 3 others
Brother of Henry Vivian Gibson-Craig; Henrietta Elizabeth Gibson-Craig; Gertrude Gibson-Craig; William Gibson-Craig and Ann Gibson-Craig


The Naval Career of Robert Stevenson Dalton Cumming

Naval Appointments - See R.N. service report

Captain of H.M.S. Caledonia, Boys' Training Ship 22 Sep, 1894

Captain of H.M.S. Endymion 8 Jun, 1899 – Jul, 1899

Captain of H.M.S. Hermione 28 Sep, 1899

Captain of H.M.S. Galatea 1 Feb, 1902 – 11 Feb, 1903

Captain of H.M.S. Dido 11 Feb, 1903 – 21 May, 1903

Captain-in-Charge of the Scottish Coast Guard District 21 May, 1903 – 21 May, 1906

Senior Officer in Charge, Auxiliary Patrol Area XVII 24 Jan, 1917 – 1 Mar, 1918

Life & Career

He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with seniority of 27 October, 1877.

He was promoted to the rank of Commander on 31 December, 1890.

On 3 January, 1891, he was appointed Commander (Executive Officer) of the turret ship Dreadnought on the Mediterranean Station.

Having paid off Dreadnought on 5 September, 1894, on 22 September he was appointed in command of the Caledonia, training ship for boys at Queensferry. In April he had been recommended for command of a training ship, "So zealous and hard working" had he been. A report of an inspection in 1896 stated in part, "The whole tone of ship shows careful & painstaking attention to details with most successful results."

On the 10th August, 1897 - Captain Robert Stevenson Dalton Cumming, married , Henrietta Florence Gibson Craig.


He was promoted to the rank of Captain on 1 January, 1897. On 21 February he was granted permission to accept command of the King of Siam's yacht on the latter's visit to Europe, for which he was granted permission to accept but not wear a decoration from the King of Siam, but not accept a decoration from the King of Denmark.

On 6 March, 1899, he took a half pay Signals Course, and on 8 June he was appointed in command of the Endymion on the China Station, and on 28 September took command of the Hermione from Captain George A. Callaghan. Hermione paid off on 15 August, 1901, and on 1 February, 1902, he was appointed in command of the Galatea in the Channel Squadron.

In February 1903, he undertook a brief period command of the second class protected cruiser Dido.

He was appointed to the President for command of the Scotland Coastguard District on 21 May, 1903. He was awarded a Good Service Pension on 7 August, 1905, and was superseded in command of the Coastguard District on 21 May, 1906.


He was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral dated 26 January, 1907. In accordance with the provisions of the Order in Council of 8 December, 1903, he was placed on the Retired List, at his own request, on 10 April. He was advanced to the rank of Vice-Admiral on the Retired List on 18 September, 1911.

He changed his surname from Cumming to Cuming by deed poll dated 5 August, 1913.

He was promoted to the rank of Admiral on the Retired List on 5 March, 1915. On 24 April he was granted a temporary Commission as a Captain in the Royal Naval Reserve. As such, he undertook command of the armed yacht Aries on 27 April, 1915 and transferred to armed yacht Atalanta on 24 June, 1915. He was granted leave to visit London from Gibraltar between 12 June to 4 July, 1916 while Atalanta was under refit. On 24 January, 1917, he was appointed to Thetis as Commodore, Second Class in charge of Auxiliary Patrol Area XVII based on Lough Larne. He was relieved in this command on 1 March, 1918.
He was appointed a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.) on 11 June, 1919.

Tamworth Herald - 23rd January, 1932.
British Legion (Tamworth Branch)

Ex-Service Men, Women, of all ranks, and the General Public are invited to a LANTERN LECTURE showing the wonderful storming of the Zeebrugge Mole, St George's Day, 1918, to be given by, ADMIRAL R. S. D. CUMMING C.B.E. D.S.O., D.L., J.P., President West Midland Area British Legion, at the CO-OPERATIVE ASSEMBLY HALL, Colehill, Tamworth, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1st at 7.30 p.m. Chairman: Captain A. de Hamel, M.C., VicePresident Tamworth Branch B. Legion. Admission free by ticket. Which can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, or from any Member of the Branch Committee. A collection will be taken to defray expenses.

[The advert above gives an example of many of the talks given by Admiral Cuming after retiring from the Royal Navy]


The Funeral of Admiral R. S. D. Cuming C B.E. D.S.O. - Died 22nd February, 1940.

Turnpike House, Knightwick, Worcestershire.

The Evesham Standard - Saturday, 2nd March, 1940.



The funeral took place on Saturday of Admiral R. S. D. Cuming, who died at his home at Knightwick on Thursday last, at the age of 87.

The coffin, which was draped with the Admiral's flag, on which rested his sword, decorations and hat, was borne by members of the Knightwick and Broadwas British Legion. Along the pathway to the Parish church were laid wreaths of laurel and Earl Haig Poppies.

The service, taken by the Rev. J. R. Burns (Rector of Knightwick), assisted by the Rev. S. F. Lloyd, of Upton-on-Severn, an old and esteemed friend of the Admiral, it was simple and included the singing of "God Save the King."
Miss Cartwright, the organist, played appropriate music before and after the service.

When the cortege left the church it was headed by the Legion Standard, borne by Mr. J. W. Jones, [My grandfather] and at the graveside the "Last Post" and "Reveille" were sounded by Mr. G. Booth, also a member of the local branch of the Legion. The bearers were Messrs. Jack Quartly, Ted Saunders, G. Pearson and J. Gardner.


The chief mourners were: Mrs. Cuming (widow), Mrs. Hudson (sister), Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cumming (nephew), Mr. John Cumming (great-nephew). Mr. M. G. Kirke and Mr. Alastair Douglas (nephews), Miss Sidney Knight and Miss Ogilvy.

Mrs. Gibson Craig Lucy (daughter) was prevented from attending by illness.
Among the general mourners were:-

Countess Baldwin of Bewdley, the Hon. A. W. Baldwin (representing Earl Baldwin). Countess Deerhurst (representing Lord and Lady Coventry). Lady Barbara Smith, Lord Sandys, the Hon. Mrs. Britten Sir Richard Brooke (vice-chairman) and Col. J. Farquhar represented the Bewdley Division Unionist Association; Lieut. C. R. Pritchard (chairman) and Mr. T. Styles (hon. secretary) represented the Worcestershire Branchs of the British Legion; Lieut.-Col. J. E. Knott (committee member), the Herefordshire British Legion and Bromyard Branch; Mr. A. G. Thackeray (club secretary) and Mr. A. V. Band, the Worcester Branch of the British Legion, of which Admiral Cuming was honorary life member; Mr. H. Russell (secretary) and Mr. E. Downer, the United Services Club, Worcester.

Mr. C. G. D. Smith represented the Worcestershire County Cricket Club; Mr. F. J. Baxter, Worcester Police Court Mission; Lieut. A. W. Smallwood, R.N.R., (vice-president) and Mr. H. Ward, R.N., the Royal Naval Association of Birmingham and District, of which Admiral Cuming had been president since its inception 14 years ago.

Miss Heath, Mrs. Partridge and Miss M F. Heath and a number of scholars from Knightwick School, and members of the Mothers' Union present included Mrs. Griffiths, Mrs. Tomkins, Mrs. Trigg, Mrs. W. Lewis, Mrs E. Jones, Miss Garbett and Mrs. Perkins.

Col. S. Featherstonehaugh. Col. Arthur Hill, Lt.-Col. P. W. Robinson, Major W. H Taylor, Capt. J. S. Twinberrow, the Rev. and Mrs. W. H. L. Stainer (Rector of Whitbourne), the Rev. B. B. Woolrych. the Rev. H. E. Scallon (Vicar of Alfrick), Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winnington, Mr. J Banks, Mr. H. Greswolde Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ashton,

Mr. W. Berkeley, Mr. T. Lawson Walker, Mr. and Mrs. John Walker, Mr. P. H. Robinson (representing Dr. Stanley Robinson), Mrs. C. R. Pritchard. Mrs. T. Styles. Mr. J. H. Walker, Miss Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Trenfield, Mr. A. T. Williams. Inspector Hollyhead
(representing the Chief Constable of Worcestershire. Capt. E. Lloyd Williams), Mr. H. C. Gardner, Mrs. and Miss Wrigley, Mr. H. Wale. Mrs. J. Williams, Miss Garman. Mrs. Wheeler. Mr. S. G. Gines, Mrs. Stanley Lewis (Holly Bush), Mrs. Pitt, Mr. W. J. Andrews, Mrs. T. Hyams, Mr. T. Whitty, W. Abbott, Mrs. Tyler,Mrs. Walker, F.C. Jones. [My Uncle] Mrs. J. Quartley, Mr. and Mrs. A. Oakley, Mr. L. Kennett. Mr. F. Hunt, Miss Dorothy Haines, Miss Coomby.

An apology was sent by Mr. G. W. Nicholls (hon. secretary of Worcestershire C C.C.)

The grave had been beautifully decorated by Mr. A. Fowles (staff member) with ivy out of Admiral Cumings own garden.


Floral tributes were sent by: Etta; lone, Josephine, Annie and Helen; Col. and Mrs. A. H. Hudson; Alice Kirke and the Nephews; Dick: Sholto, Ela, Archie and Alastair; Ivy, Harold and Mary; Mrs. Walter Lacelles; Biddie, Fleur and Bonnee; Members of the Knightwick Mothers' Union; S. H. W. Taylor and Wm. H. Keppy; Staff and Children of Knightwick School; Knightwick and Doddenham Parochial Church Council; Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker and family; Miss, Mr. J. A. and Lieut.-Colonel W. R. Chichester; No. 3, Coventry (G.E.C.) Branch British Legion; Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Capel Loft and family; Mrs. James H. Allans; General Sir Francis and Lady Davies; Officers and Committee of the Warwickshire Council (British Legion); the Rector and Miss Burns; Mr. Henry Greswolde Williams; Mrs. Nelson Byng; Mr. and Mrs. Whale; Maurice and Elsie Jewell and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. Tayleur; The Royal Naval Association, Birmingham District; May and Henry; Sidney; Diana, Dulcie and Bridget; The Staff and Mrs. Fowles; Miss and Mrs. Slade Nash; Worcester United Services Club; E. and J. Mack; Knightwick and Broadwas Branch, British Legion; Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard; Rob, Winsome and John; Worcestershire British Legion; Precarton Estate Employees.

Legion County Chairman's Tribute

We have received the following appreciation of the late Admiral R. S. D. Cuming from Councillor C. R. Pritchard, County Chairman of the British Legion and Mayor of Bewdley:

Sir, At this time when our County mourns the loss of one of her famous men, would you please permit me to pay a small tribute to him on behalf of ex-service men and women in the County. Admiral Cuming lived such a full and active life and made contact with the corporate life of Worcestershire at so many points that the mere recital of his activities would occupy more space than the most generous Editor could afford to give me. I am not unmindful of his great work for Seamen's Missions and other organisations concerned with the welfare of our Seamen, but it is of his work for ex-Service men and women that I wish to speak. Immediately on the cessation of war, he joined the Old Comrades' Association, and later took a leading part in the formation of the British Legion. From its inception to date, he was a National Vice-President. In his work for the Legion the United Kingdom was his "Parish." He addressed meetings in all the important towns in England, and was a welcome guest and much sought speaker in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Coming to our County, he was County Chairman from 1921 to 1936. Only Legionaries can fully appreciate all he did. He brought energy and foresight to bear on his task, with the result that the Legion gained tremendously in prestige. I readily recall him at National, Area and County Conferences where he was always the object of our affection and regard. Our regard took concrete shape when in November, 1935, six thousand ex-Service men of the County each subscribed one penny towards the purchase of a gift of silver plate, which presentation ceremony took place in the Guildhall, Worcester. Behind it all, supporting him, caring for him and helping him with her ministrations and prayers, stood that great lady, Mrs. Cuming. New tasks resulting from a new war confront those of us who care for the welfare of those who have risked all that England may live. His memory will be as a beacon light to us, and will sustain us when we feel weary of well-doing. Sir! We salute the memory of a gallant English officer and gentleman. and "At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we sill remember him."

Yours truly.

County Chairman British Legion,

Mayor of Bewdley.

Guildhall, Bewdley.

Birmingham Daily Post - 23rd February, 1940.
The death occured yesterday, at the age of eighty-seven, of Admiral R. S. D. Cuming, of Knightwick, Worcestershire. He was magistrate for Worcestershire and a Deputy Lieutenant of the county. He served in the Navy for forty years, saw service in the Soudan and commanded H.M.S. Hermoine during operations in China in 1900. He was placed on the retired list in 1907. During the last war, he was appointed a temperary captain and commodore in the Royal Naval Reserve and was engaged in submarine hunting. He was given the D.S.O. in 1917 and the C.B.E in 1919.

Cuming C.B.E. D.S.O. Robert Stevenson Dalton of the Turnpike House, Knightwick, Worcestershire. Died 22nd February, 1940 - Probate London 7th May, to Henrietta Florence Cuming widow. Effects £1100 2s 6d. [£62,000 in todays currency]

In 1938 my mother and father [Ted Holland and Doris Jones] married and one of the presents they received was from Admiral Cuming and his wife [One pair of hemstitched sheets and two pillow cases].

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