Descendants of George Grubham Return 


Generation No. 1


George1 Grubham - He married Elizabeth Widlake, November27th, 1628, in South Molton.


Child of George and Elizabeth Grubham:

i.  George2 Grubham, b. July 27th, 1634, South Molton.


Generation No. 2


George2 Grubham - He married Mary Meeke, July 3rd, 1667, in Ledbury.


Children of George2 and Mary Grubham:

i.    Stephen3 Grubham.

ii.   Mary Grubham, b. 1668.

iii.  George Grubham, b. 1676.


Generation No. 3


Stephen3 Grubham - He married Joan Hammond, February 15th, 1696/97, in Ledbury.


Children of Stephen3 and Joan Grubham:

i.    George4 Grubham, b. April 2nd, 1698, Ledbury.

            ii.   Mary Grubham, b. February 24th, 1698/99.

iii.  Hannah Grubham, b. January 29th, 1700/01.

iv.  Sarah Grubham, b. March 17th, 1702/03.

v.   Margaret Grubham, b. November 9th, 1706.

vi.  Stephen Grubham, b. April 1st, 1709.


Generation No. 4


George4 Grubham - He married Ann Morris, February 5th, 1716/17, in Ledbury.


Children of George4 and Joan Grubham:

i.     Thomas5 Grubham, b. September 13th, 1724, Ledbury.

            ii.    George Grubham, b. April 16th, 1718.

            iii.   Steven Grubham, b. March 29th, 1721.

            iv.   Hannah Grubham, b. March 16th, 1721/22.

            v.    Sarah Grubham, b. May 19th, 1728.

            vi.   Mary Grubham, b. November 2nd, 1731.

            vii.  Margaret Grubham, b. February 3rd, 1732/33.

            viii. George Grubham, b. August 15th, 1736.


Generation No. 5


Thomas5 Grubham - He married Ann.


Children of Thomas5 and Ann Grubham:

i.     Joseph6 Grubham, b. April 1st, 1749, Ledbury.

            ii.    Thomas Grubham, b. January 14th, 1753.

            iii.   Betty Grubham, b. March 22nd, 1756.

            iv.   Betty Grubham, b. 1757.

            v.    Ann Grubham, b. 1760.


Generation No. 6


Joseph6 Grubham - He married Mary Ardin, December 27th, 1770, in Welland, Nr. Malvern.


Children of Joseph6 and Mary Grubham:

i.     Mary Grubham, b. September12th, 1773, Castlemorton, Worcs.

            ii.    Joseph7 Grubham, b. May 25th, 1777, Castlemorton, Worcs.

            iii.   John Grubham, b. July 13th, 1779. (m. Elizabeth)


Generation No. 7


Joseph7 Grubham - He married Harriet Jones, March 27th, 1809, in St. Alban's, Worcester.


Children of Joseph7 and Harriet Grubham:

i.     William8 Grubham, b. September 6th, 1818, Bromyard, Herefordshire.

            ii.    Eliza Grubham Grubham, b. October 3rd, 1809, Whitbourne, Herefordshire.

                   Info: Eliza - Christening: December 26th, 1809, Bromyard.

            iii.   Richard Grubham, b. March, 1816.


Generation No. 8


William8 Grubham - He married Elizabeth Daniell, November 27th, 1845, in Knightwick
Info: Elizabeth b. May 12th, 1822, Knightwick.  d. March 9th, 1915.


Children of William8 and Elizabeth Grubham:

i.     Samuel Grubham, b. February 20th, 1848.  (d. 1865).

            ii.    Richard9 Grubham, b. February 3rd, 1850, Doddenham, Worcestershire.

            iii.   James Grubham, b. October 31st, 1852.   (d. April 20th, 1942).

            iv.   Joseph Grubham, b. July 26th, 1863.  (d. 1942)

            v.    Philip9 Grubham, b. May 9th, 1846, Whitbourne, Herefordshire.  (d. 1934).

            vi.   Hannah Grubham, b. November 1st, 1842. Info: m. James Williams, February 12th, 1866.


Generation No. 9 Return 


Philip9 Grubham - He married Eliza Bury, September 26th, 1871, in Knightwick
Eliza b. 1850, the daughter of James and Elizabeth Bury.
Info: Philip was Baptised, June 11th, 1846, Whitbourne.


Children of Philip9 and Eliza Grubham:

i.     Albert Grubham, b. 1873

            ii.    Lucy10 Grubham, b. January 13th, 1876, Knightwick.  (d. December 9th, 1956).

            iii.   Esther Elizabeth Grubham, b. April 15th, 1877, Knightwick. (d. 1947).

            iv.   Fanny Grubham, b. March 9th, 1879. (d. June 5th, 1879).

v.    James Grubham, b. February 28th, 1881, Knightwick. (d. December 27th, 1958).

            vi.   Henry Grubham, b. May 3rd, 1883, Knightwick.  (d. November 29th, 1964).


Generation No. 10


Lucy10 Grubham - She married John William Jones, December 25th, 1900, in Knightwick

Info: John b. 1877, d. December 9th, 1956.

Info: Lucy, Baptised, February 6th, 1876, Knightwick.


Children of John and Lucy10 Jones:

i.     Francis Cuthbert Jones, b. November 13th, 1901.

            ii.    Reginald Lloyd Jones, b. April 12th, 1904.

            iii    Philip Rowland Jones, b. November 14th, 1905.

            iv.   Doris11 Eliza Jones, b. May 14th, 1909. (d. November 27th 1974).


Generation No. 11


Doris11 Eliza Jones - She married John Edward Holland, April 16th, 1938, Knightwick.

Info: John, b. December 19th, 1909. d. October 28th, 1980.


Children of John and Doris11 Holland:

i.     Josephine Lucy Holland, b. April 5th, 1939.

            ii.    Graham John Holland, b. March 15th, 1942.

            iii    Philip12 Edward Holland, b. October 8th, 1949.



Generation No. 12


Philip12 Edward Holland - He married Heather Dawn Baillie, March 31st, 1975, In St John's the Baptist,
Whitbourne, Herefordshire.

Info: Dawn, b. August 10th, 1957.


Children of Philip12 and Dawn Holland:

i.     Richard13 Mark John Holland, b. May 5th 1981.

            ii.    Alex13 James Edward Holland, b. October 6th, 1983.



(Following Jean11 Sefton's family, from Richard9, son of William8 and Elizabeth Grubham.)

Generation No. 9 Return 


Richard9 Grubham - He married Jane Kettle, October 28th, 1877, in Knightwick
Info: Jane b. February 16th, 1845, in Claines, Worcester.


Children of Richard9 and Jane Grubham:

i.     Olive Grubham, b. September 16th, 1881.

            ii.    May Grubham, b. October 15th, 1883.

iii.   Annie10 Grubham, b. January 23rd, 1887, Doddenham, Worcs. (d. November 7th, 1970, Malvern).

iv.   Helen Grubham, b. January 22nd, 1888, Doddenham, Worcs. (d. August 3rd, 1888, Doddenham).



Generation No. 10


Annie10 Grubham - She married Frank Ernest Sefton, October 22nd, 1908, in St. Mary's Church, Knightwick, Worcs.
Info: Frank b. August 12th, 1885.  d. August 5th, 1930, Malvern (and was buried on August 13th
in St. Peter's Cowleigh). His parents were, Henry and Clara Sefton  (Nee Lawrence). In the 1901
Census he was a Butcher's Boy aged 16, in Malvern Wells.
Info: Annie finished teaching at Knightwick & Doddenham C of E School on March 1st, 1905.
She was buried on November 18th, 1970, St. Peter's Church, Cowleigh, Malvern.


Children of Frank and Annie10 Sefton:

i.       Gordon Frank Sefton, b. October 8th 1909, Malvern. d. 1967, South Africa.

               Info: m. Dorothy May Bethell, Christchurch Malvern.  b. 1908  d. January 19th, 1955.

               m. Vera.

            ii.      Joyce Muriel Sefton, b. April 9th 1911, Cowleigh Road, Malvern. d. July 26th, 1983, 

                      Info: m. Frank Parton, Register Office. b. 1921. d. 1992.

iii.     Dennis Geoffrey Sefton, b. April 17, 1914, Trinity Cottage, North Malvern. d. 

January 6th 1992, Malvern. Info: m. Helen Dovey, January 1935, St Joseph's Church, Malvern.
b. December 21st, 1917. d. May 13th, 2003, Malvern.

            iv.     Doris May Sefton, b. April 28th, 1916, Sycamore Cottage, Trinity Bank, Malvern.

d. December 9th, 1987, Malvern. Info: Cremation: December 16th, 1987, Worcester Crematorium.

v.      Donald Ernest Sefton, b. March 15th, 1920, Sycamore Cottage, Trinity Bank, Malvern.

d. December 25th, 1995, Malvern. Info: m. Maisie Simons, 1947. b. June 12th, 1920,

Heckington, Lincolnshire. d. July 1998, Grantham hospital, Lincs. Cremation: July 29th,
1998, Church of St.  John, Manthorpe.

vi.     Marian Grace Sefton, b. December 21st, 1922, Sycamore Cottage, Trinity Bank, Malvern.
                     Info: m. Philip F. Heggs, July 20th, 1946, Holy Trinity Church, Malvern. b. February 5th 

         1924 Leicester.

vii.    Eva Margery Sefton, b. November 29, 1924, Sycamore Cottage, Trinity Bank, Malvern.

                     d. December 25th, 1995, Malvern. Info: m. Leslie Bernard Green, July 19th, 1952, Holy

         Trinity Church, Malvern. b. August 28th, 1922, Tredegar, Wales. d. August 21st,
         2000, Malvern.

viii.   Stuart John Sefton, b. January 13th, 1926, 2 Rockville, 50 west Malvern Road, Malvern.   

         d. January 24th, 1927, Malvern.

ix.     Jean11 Peggy Sefton, b. December 17th, 1929, 2 Rockville, 50 west Malvern Road,   

Malvern. m. Derek Aubrey Lloyd, June 20th, 1953, St. Peter's Church, Cowleigh, Malvern.
b. July 1st, 1931, The Pinks, Colwall, Herefordshire.

                     Info: Jean, Baptised February 22nd 1930, St Peter's Church, Cowleigh, Malvern.