Really nice to have this photo, from the Knightwick & Doddenham, C.E. School, 1888, Black Box. [Many thanks to Adrian and Karin Dunn]

This box is kept safe for posperity, by the owners of Knightwick School, Adrian and Karin Dunn, who kindly invited me to look through the records and to take photos, 27-09-2022.

An old photograph, of the children at Broadwas School, with Chris Barry [nee, Christabel Hood] standing to the left of Miss Thomas.

The children are:-

Front row: Valerie Bethel, Andrew Taylor, Richard Griffiths, Clive Stokes, David Barry, Roger Jones, [unknown]
Middle Row: Dianne Ganderton [unknown]
Back Row: [unknown] Winnie Smith, Mary White, Jean Turner.

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