Frederick James Hunt- Gamekeeper at Broadwas Court Estate

This photograph [taken on the 13th May, 1940] shows Frederick James Hunt, gamekeeper for Broadwas Court Estate, with his wife Annie (Palmer) Hunt, standing to the right of the photo, outside their house at Hazeley, Doddenham, Worcestershire; celebrating their daughter and son-in-laws marriage.

From Left to right:
Mrs. Fanny Roberts (could be (Myfanwy) Grooms mother
Mr. Joseph Roberts (Grooms father)
Mr. Albert John Roberts (Groom)
Stood in between bride and groom Mr. John Challen, Bestman (who is Ann Hargreaves father)
Mrs. Roberts, nee Kathleen Hunt (Bride)
Miss Dorothy Hunt (Bride's sister)
Mr. Frederick James Hunt (Bride's father)
Mrs. Annie Hunt (Bride's mother)

Kathleen Roberts was the post mistress at Bringsty Post Office and the wife of Albert John Roberts the Blacksmith at Bringsty Forge. Her children were Jean and Ali Roberts. [Many thanks to them both for the photo and names] Hopefully this will bring back memories for Broadwas people as well as those on Bringsty Common.

Albert John Roberts (aged 24) [b]
Occupation: Wheelwright/Blacksmith
Abode: The Post Office, Bringsty, Herefordshire.
Married: Kathleen Hunt (aged 26) [s]
Abode: Hazeley, Doddenham, Worcestershire.
On: 13th May, 1940.
At: St. Mary the Virgin, Knightwick, Worcestershire.
Their Fathers: Henry Joseph Roberts (Wheelwright/Blacksmith) and Frederick James Hunt (Gamekeeper).
Witness' Dorothy Helena Hunt (Bride's Sister and Lewis John Challen(Groom's Bestman).
Rector: J. R. Burns.

Alberts brother had married in Broadwas in 1937.

Henry Joseph Roberts (aged 25) [b]
Occupation: Farmer
Abode: The Post Office, Bringsty, Herefordshire.
Married: Hilda Turner (aged 23) [s]
Abode: The Old Police Station, Broadwas, Worcestershire.
On: 27th December, 1937.
At: St. Mary Magdalene, Broadwas, Worcestershire.
Their Fathers: Henry Joseph Roberts (Sub Postmaster) and George Turner (Carpenter).
Witness' Albert John Roberts (Groom's Brother) and Kathleen Hunt
Rector: J. R. Burns.

Information regards Frederick James Hunt and Annie (Palmer) Hunt

Frederick James Hunt was born on the 17th June, 1883, in Burghclere, Hampshire. At the age of 18, [1901 census] he was working as a Gamekeeper on a large Estate in Morestead a village in the South Downs, about 3 miles southeast of Winchester in Hampshire. [He died in Doddenham in 1961 , aged 79].

By 1903 there is a record of his being a British Royal Navy Seaman, b 17th June, 1883, at Newbury Berkshire, occupation, assistant gamekeeper. now serving on HMS Nelson. He enrolled from 12th June, 1903, for 12 years. However by the 5th November, 1903, he was discharged, the cause was given as invalided.

•Annie Palmer was born at Doddenham, on 15th September, 1884.

1891 Census - RG12/2323

Name of house: The Vineyards, Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Henry John Palmer (Head) Married Age, 58 - Gardener (Domestic) - Born: Whitbourne, Herefordshire.
Emma Palmer (Wife) Married Age, 49 - Born: Hartlebury, Worcestershire.
James Palmer (Son) Age, 23 - Gardener (Domestic) - Born: Suckley, Worcestershire.
Emily Palmer (Daughter) Age, 20 - Born: Whitbourne, Herefordshire.
Henry Palmer (Son) Age, 14 - Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.
Florence Palmer (Daughter) Age, 11-Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.
Kate Palmer (Daughter) Age, 8 - Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.
•Annie Palmer (Daughter) Age, 6 - Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.

The Vineyards belonged to Broadwas Court estate so Henry Palmer and his son James worked there as gardeners.

Frederick James Hunt (aged 27) [b]
Occupation: Gamekeeper
Abode: Knightwick
Married: Annie Palmer (aged 25) [s]
Abode: Doddenham
On: 8th February, 1910
At: St. Mary the Virgin, Knightwick, Worcestershire.
Their Fathers: James Hunt, Shepherd and Henry Palmer, Gardener.
Witness' Florence Palmer (Brides Sister) and Henry John Palmer (Brides Father).
Rector: J. B. Wilson.

1911 Census

Name of house: Vine Cottage, Broadwas, Worcestershire.

Frederick James Hunt (Head) Married Age, 28 - Gamekeeper - Born: Burghclere, Hampshire.
Annie Hunt (Wife) Married Age, 26 - Born: Doddenham, Worcestershire.
Wallace Gordon Talbot - Single - Age, 17 - Gamekeepers (Assistant) - Born: Llandrindod, Wales.

1939 Register

Name of house: Hazeley, Doddenham, Worcestershire.

Frederick J. Hunt - b. 17th June, 1882. - Occupation: Farmer and Head Gamekeeper [also A.R.P Leading Warden].
Annie Hunt - b. 15th September, 1884. - Occupation: Unpaid Domestic Duties.
Another persons record is officially closed.

They had two daughters.

Dorothy Helena Hunt, was born on 8th November, 1911, in Hartley Witney, Oxfordshire. [Dorothy died in Malvern in 1999]
Kathleen Hunt, was born on 6th January, 1914. [In the 1939 register Kathleen is a cook at the Rectory in Broadwas, Worcestershire and the following year 1940 she married Albert John Roberts, the Bringsty blacksmith].



Henry and Emily (Halliday) Palmer - Local Knightwick census and KB club



Henry and Emma (Halliday) Palmer

Henry was born at Whitbourne and Christened there on the 24th February, 1833. His parents were James and Sarah Palmer, and they lived at Meadow Green. His father's occupation was shoemaker.

Henry was also formerly a shoemaker, in Bringsty, in 1872. He lost one eye and now works in the gardens at Broadwas Court also cleaning and tidying the house.

The family have lived at The Vineyards since 1874.

Alice Palmer - b. 10th November, 1865

They had twin daughters Helen and Emma Palmer, born at Suckley 2nd January, 1867. Henry's occupation then was a shoemaker. Helen and Emma were Christened on the 27th January, 1867. both died at 3 months old.

James Palmer - b. 19th January, 1868.

Emily Palmer - b. 19th June, 1870.
Christened at Whitbourne, 26th June, 1870.

Edith Palmer - b. 27th August, 1872.
Christened at Whitbourne, 2nd August, 1872.

Thomas Palmer - b. 10th May, 1874.

Henry John Palmer - b. 25th June, 1876.

Florence Palmer - b. 30th June, 1879.

Kate Palmer - b. 27th May, 1882.

Annie Palmer - b. 15th September, 1884.

This is wonderful piece on memorabilia to have, as it gives so many bits of information on the family, which will help with cross referencing.

[Many thanks to Peter Walker for this scan].

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