This photo shows the Royal Oak with the sign outside 'Lewis Clarkes'. There is a hunt meeting in the car park and the master of the hunt will be here to have his tipple. Broadwas and Knightwick always enjoyed these meets and many of the villagers would follow it for a few fields before loosing sight of them, as the chase would often be very fast. Those with sense would find high ground somewhere, to watch and save energy.

Of course today this sport is banned, although there are still drag hunts, which allows the riders to get some good experience, which is often then used to ride horses in the local Point-to-Point. I personally used to like it but I realise that for many this was and is not so, and today I believe we should try and conserve nature as much as possible. So please do not feel offended in any way, as in the days when this photograph was taken everyone in the country side would join in.


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